This contribution seeks to facilitate internal communication between this health establishment’s employees and improve communication with external clients.

To help those that help us is a privilege, this is way we are very happy to contribute our technological solutions towards facilitate internal and external communications of the Colombian Cardiovascular Foundation, improving infrastructure connection, their administrative processes and customer service. This contribution looks to honor the CCVF and aid them given the ongoing Covid-19 crisis in the country.


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This contribution is composed of a technological donation of communication equipment, to be distributed inside on of the most important medical centers in Colombia and Latin America.

Within this framework, the Foundation received more than 100 equipment units to be distributed in the internal communications and customer service network.

The CCVF Technological Infrastructure director, Vladimir Salamanca, highlighted that these elements allow them to reinforce communication between the members, patients and families located in the medical center.

“I am grateful to Calltech S.A., for its contribution to the Foundation, improving telephone communications, benefiting both collaborators, patients and families. I also highlight the effort done by this company towards improving the foundation’s equipment since, thanks to hardware updates, it allows us to be at the forefront in terms of technological infrastructure, helping us to improve the quality of our services. In the current situation that the health system is going through, this seemingly small grain of sand turns out to be a great contribution”.

The purpose of this donation is to maintain and protect communication between the members of the Foundation and thus guarantee the optimization of its administrative processes and improve its customer service.

“At Calltech S.A. we are committed to aid in current health crisis the country and the entire world are going through. With this donation we wanted to contribute our technological solutions towards people’s communication with people, we want to help this foundation by improving its infrastructure connection, its administrative processes, and its customer service. We are very happy to be able to provide what is necessary for better service helping to maintain the quality of its services and thus reduce the problems presented by this difficult global situation”, comments Carlos Villamizar, General Manager of Calltech S.A.

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About the Colombian Cardiovascular Foundation

The Colombian Cardiovascular Foundation (CCVF) is one of the most important medical centers in Colombia and one of the most prominent in Latin America. It ranks as category four in complexity and is the first institution in the country accredited by the Joint Commission International, a seal that guarantees high standards of certified quality.


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