A healthy environment and post-consumption management in the best hands.

CTPos® is a tool ideal for managing environmental post-consumption program processes for all kinds of waste, guaranteeing registering, correlation, follow-ups, and measuring of all reusing and disposal processes required by law.

Although every post-consumption process has different workflows and variables, CTPos® allows for software personalization based on each process, adjusting according to needs of different programs, collective members, environmental managers, and users in general.



Guarantee Information System personalization for your waste disposal processes for different kinds of waste (brand, measurements, volume, weight, etc.)


Guarantee information traceability and intervening actor actions for post-consumption processes always.


Rely on the CTPOS® Information System as a platform or as a cloud-based service directly offered by Calltech S.A.


Control the management and registration of environmental certificates with automatic sending via email, retention, and system backup.


Control maximum times for recollection, transport, storage and management with alarms and notifications for each stage and actor involved in the process.

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