Telephone call pricing system

Web call charging and telephony management centralized system, which registers realized and/or received calls on the telephone plant, creates detailed reports for management, personnel statistics, telephone service costs and automatic report sending. Can work as a centralized solution and price one or more telephone offices or plants simultaneously.



Reduce telephone control and pricing costs.


Consult telephone management information on-line and at any moment.


Consult reports through the web or receive them automatically to your email.


Guarantee a global vision and of telephone resources.


Optimize and adequately size corporate telephone resources.


Organize telephone information in an efficient manner according to your company’s structure and integrate it to your current information systems.


Configuration Module

Use the Dalí configuration module for user, cost center, operators and telephone pricing management, defining in what way Dalí collects telephone information from primary PBX manufacturers.

Switch network interconnection

Use the Dalí interconnection module to collect, store and centralize all telephone information generated by your switches.

Web-based report interface

Allows your authorized users to access through Dalí® any telephone information located in different reports such as detailed statistic or managerial graphs and filter them according to your needs.

Automatic report creation

Generate detailed and managerial reports automatically and send them to users via email.

Prepaid module for telephone consumption

Control users’ telephony consumption through the Dalí prepaid module, which notifies administrators of call quota status. Through a web-service or CTI-type interface, Dalí automatically suspends an extension or authorization code.

Hotel integration:

Improve attention to your guests integrating your Opera or Fidelio hotel information system to Dalí® and CTMAIL®, offering additional telephony services like: telephone call records, Check In/Out, Wakeup, Minibar, and Status Room.


Dalí ® Appliance:

Buy it, install it and use it, key in hand, ready for use with uninterrupted functionality. Save time and money on installation and Device purchases. Better performance: Complete solution with better performance thanks to optimum hardware components and optimization, offering a reliable pricing system, compatible and fail-resistant. 100% functional, ideal, and precise hardware for efficient pricing. The pricing service supports up to 2000 extensions. Better security system: The solution’s operating system complexity is minimal and includes the latest updates and patches that don’t affect the system’s functioning.

Medical center and hotel solution:

Improve attention to your guests and patients, offering them additional telephony services like telephone call records, Check In/Out, Wakeup, Minibar, and Status Room.

Cloud-based pricing management:

Access your reports through the web and consult your indicators. Obtain a solution hosted on a high availability, robust and secure architecture. Count on high service levels close to 99.9%. Count on 24/7 administration and monitoring from our expert Tech Support team.

Contact center performance control:

Obtain statistics, easily access your reports, define alarm parameters according to your necessity.

Pricing and expense control:

Telephony expense control for your company, control the use of telephone resources per employee.


Currently, the service is used by financial sector, insurance, construction, government, telephone operators, contact centers and services.


In Calltech S.A., we are proud of and want to share with you the compatibility certification of our web-based, centralized telephone pricing and management Dalí® system with Avaya’s Aura platform. The Dalí® r2.0 solution has finalized testing by the Avaya DevConnect technical team and has been officially recognized as compatible on May 27th, 2015. Calltech S.A.’s Dalí® system is a call accounting software solution that interoperates with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager through TCP/IP protocols. Call records can be generated for various types of calls. Dalí® collects and processes call records. The general objective of this compatibility test is to verify that Dalí® can interoperate with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager r.6.3. The Dalí® system connects to Avaya Aura® Communication Manager through the local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) using a CDR link executed through TCP/IP protocols. Avaya Aura® Communication Manager is configured to send CDR registers to Dalí® using a specific port. Dalí® provides the collection, rating, and traditional call reports for companies of any size. Dalí® can interact with most telephone systems, particularly with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, to collect and interpret detailed records of tandem, inbound, outbound, and internal phone calls. Dalí® later calculates the appropriate price for local, long distance, international, and special calls and assigns them to their respective areas.

The information in the application notes has been obtained through DevConnect compliance testing and additional technical discussions. The tests were realized through the DevConnect program in the interoperability and solution test laboratory.

You can consult the Avaya DevConnect certification document for Dalí® here.

This award, given by one of the most important communication companies in the world, highlights our Dalí® pricing system as a standard solution of simple integration that increases trustworthiness and support towards our clients. Additionally, the endorsement of Avaya’s worldwide distribution channels to distribute our solution.

We thank our channels and clients for their trust in our solutions.


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