Online Web Monitoring and Digital Recording System CTLog®

Allows you to record analog, proprietary digital, IP, trunks (Analog, E1, ISDN and SS7) extensions and other audio sources such as intercoms, microphones, radio and fax transmissions, headsets, trunk lines, speakers, and displays. It has historical search, real-time monitoring, labeling of recordings, mass export of recordings, digital signature and encryption.

CTLog® Benefits


Enjoy a robust, reliable and profitable tool with Web technology.


Ensure information security, backed by Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008.

Constant evolution

Have a distributed platform with a modular design and open architecture that evolves according to your needs.

Easy to use

Have your recordings easily, securely, instantly and from anywhere.

Efficient communication

Solve difficulties related to communication with your customers and their transactions.

Fraud control

Detect suspicious or malicious calls for analysis.

CTLog®: Modules

Screen Recording Module
CTLog® Screen Recording

Allow the agents' screen to be recorded in synchronization with the call recording so that the supervisor listens to the recording while viewing the movement of windows, pointers and typing performed by the agents on their PCs.

Alarm Module
CTLog® Alarm

• Identify all the alarms necessary to determine the correct platform operation.
• Receive visible, audible and email alarms of system operation.

CTI Integration Module
CTLog® CTI Management

• Integrate the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) module to the main PBXs to obtain more information about each recording record and expand the search criteria of the recordings.

Administration Module
CTLog® Configurator

• Allow your administrators to configure your recording platform simply, quickly and effectively through the web.
• Manage one or more recording servers from a single access through the web.
• Assign authorization and access levels to each of the system users.
• Manage campaigns or groups of recording sub-campaigns to facilitate your search.

Agent Module
CTLog® Agent

• Allow the agent in a controlled manner to record any part of a telephone conversation. Add personalized information about each of the recordings to be used within the search criteria and file tags. Let the agent be a search criterion for recordings using Free Seating.

Third Party Integration Module

• Integrate your applications to the CTLog® recording system using DLL-based APIs, OCX or Web Service to consult and listen to recordings, define custom fields, record labels, among others, as well as start and end recordings on demand.

Backup Module
CTLog® Backup

• Backup in DAT, DVD, Blu Ray manually or automatically the recordings and their information, according to the configuration that you determine.
• Establish support criteria according to your needs.
• Eliminate DTMF Tones in recordings (PCI Compliance).
• Label the recordings automatically or on demand according to each campaign or sub-campaign using: literal words, standard fields or custom fields of the recordings.
• Guarantee confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of your recordings with RSA-DSA digital signature algorithm.

Recording Module
CTLog® Server

• Record communications in compressed digital format according to the configuration you determine.
• View the activity of each recording channel in real time.
• Save a record of the module activity and each recording channel.
• Eliminate DTMF Tones in recordings (PCI Compliance).
• Label the recordings automatically or on demand according to each campaign or sub-campaign using: literal words, standard fields or custom fields of the recordings.
• Guarantee confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of your recordings with RSA-DSA digital signature algorithm.

Supervision Module
CTLog® Telemanagement

• Monitor conversations and screens in real time.
• Search and listen to historical recordings easily and using different search criteria.
• Receive visible and audible alarms about system operation.
• View the status of the recording channel, the storage medium and its percentage of use.

CTLog® Solutions

CTLog® Appliance

Turnkey solution

Have a Recording System already installed with all the logical and security configurations ready for use.

Plug and Play recording system

Deploy your IP Recording System quickly, just plug in and start recording.


Have the support of the leaders in the manufacture of Hardware and Software components such as Microsoft and Audiocodes

Recording systems for Contact Centers

Service levels

Guarantee service levels of up to 99.9999% with redundant and highly reliable recording solutions, where your recordings are backed by CTLog.

Extended Support

Understanding the needs of the sector, you can access local technical service, in Spanish with solution of problems, inconveniences and concerns in a very short time.


Integrate recording systems to agent applications, CRMs and ERPs without paying more.

Radio or Speaker recording systems

Extended recording systems

Expand your recording needs beyond telephony to recording from microphones, radio phones, speakers, and fax.

Certified assurance of recordings

Guarantee universal principles of confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data stored in CTLog, complying with international standards and Colombian Laws: (Law 527/99 and Circular 052/2007).

Screen recording systems

Screen recording

Associate the voice recording with the screen recording and have the complete record of all operations performed by the agent.

Real time monitoring

Monitor the agent's screen in real time in a transparent way and activate a recording on demand.

Distributed or centralized systems

Permanent storage

Implement distributed recording solutions for remote offices or branches and synchronize recordings over WAN with a Centralized System.

Cluster solutions

Size cluster storage solutions with industry-leading vendors for high availability solutions.

In addition, Calltech S.A. has complementary services for the solution proper operation such as: support, installation, administration, value-added services, training, unified communications, hosted solutions, special projects, computer and communications equipment.


CTLog® Avaya Devconnect Compliance Testing

At Calltech S.A., we are proud and want to share with you the achievement of the compatibility certification of our CTLog Recording System with the Avaya Aura platform.

This recognition, from one of the most important communications companies in the world, highlights our CTLog recording system as a standard solution with simple integration that increases reliability and support to our customers. Likewise, the endorsement of Avaya's worldwide channels to distribute our solution and its innovative active recording mechanism, whose licensing simplicity and effectiveness is ideal for government, industrial, commercial and Contact Center clients of any size.

Calltech S.A. Staff

CTLog is a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution for Call Recording of analog, digital and IP extensions, E1 links and screens with Web management and monitoring interfaces with standard or custom search criteria ideal for service, security, financial companies and Contact Centers. CTLog has the best recording rate on the market of 5.85Mb per hour, imagine that in the space occupied by an iTunes song you can store one hour of conversation from your clients, without losing a second of quality in the recording.


As an Avaya customer, you can confidently purchase the CTLog® solution manufactured by Calltech S.A. to your Avaya communications platform. When you add CTLog® recording functionality to your current Avaya environment, you can record all of your users' screen and voice communications and accelerate key business processes to better meet your customers' needs.

"Avaya offers certification testing for innovative companies that, such as Calltech S.A., are part of the DevConnect program, with which Avaya encourages the development of fully interoperable solutions that help companies access interesting new opportunities."

Eric Rossman, Vice President, Developer Relations and Technical Alliances, Avaya.


Standard integration: Avaya certifies that the CTLog® recording system integrates seamlessly with the Avaya Aura solution.

Active recording: integrations between the CTLog® recording system and Avaya are approved for active recording via DMCC, active recording via E1 trunk, and active recording using H.323.

Innovative approach: Avaya certifies and validates our innovation in the Avaya active recording architecture, where high availability of the recording service is guaranteed at lower Avaya Aura AES licensing costs.

You can view the Avaya DevConnect certification document for the CTLog® product here.

We thank our channels and customers for trusting our solutions.

CTLog® Architecture


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