CTiContRol® Webphone for Google Workspace

“2020 brought with it great changes and we provided great solutions.”
Covid-19 broke into our lives, forced us to work from home and now,
who’ll answer the office phones?


In response to this problem, we redefined ourselves and launched the product that allows us to give companies the security of continuing with their business in the shortest possible time.

CTiContRol for Google Workspace, allows you to safely continue communications with clients, colleagues, and business allies from anywhere.


CTiContRol® for Google Workspace is a combination of various components, RTC (Real Time Communications) applications and API integrations that extends the features of existing Google applications, allowing clients to merge their unified communication platforms with Google’s collaboration tools.

It is a cloud-based solution that allows the use of the company’s current communication infrastructure to continue and seamlessly integrates into any phone system: Cisco, BroadSoft, Avaya, Metaswitch, Alcatel, Unify, 3CX, Asterisk and many more.

Recibir llamadas desde su correo electrónico

Thanks to the Webphone CTiContRol® extension for Google Workspace, members of a corporation can access their email, receive phone calls from their extension or corporate mobile line and take full advantage of the cloud collaboration tools that Google Workspace offers.


Our CTiContRol® for Google Workspace includes a Webphone for the Google Chrome browser, which extends the Google Contacts and Gmail interfaces, unifying the contact list including the corporate extensions directory, this allows the use of telephone functionalities such as: receiving calls, calling waiting (Hold), transfer, reception of MWI lamps, from the desktop of Gmail, Google Contact, Directory, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation or Meet Chat, it even allows you to start a call by clicking on one of the document collaborators, on the contact card in Gmail or with whom you are having a conversation.

How does it work?

The end user only needs to install the CTiContRol® extension for Google Workspace, from the Google Chrome WebStore, which uses WebRTC technology for the transmission and reception of unified communications in the browser. From that moment on, as long as you are registered in your Google Workspace collaboration tool, you will be able to enjoy all the functionalities that CTiContRol® offers by clicking on the extension enabled in the upper right part of your browser.


The administrator uses the CTiContRol® Server to configure voice services, user profiles and query reports on the use of the platform, among other functionalities.


Desde cualquier lugar

With the new telephony experience, the end user can work from anywhere.

One click away:

One-click communication with people in the Google Contacts corporate directory, Directory, Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation or Meet Chat.

All telephone features:

Realize and receive calls without using VPNs or additional applications, receive missed call and voicemail notifications straight to a corporate Gmail address.

No infrastructure expenses:

The company receives additional benefits such as no phone Device use-or-transfer-related expenses, easy integration into existing infrastructure, IPPBX and Contact Center.

Easy to manage:

Safe management of corporate communications, platform-use report available.

Recording and pricing:

Recording of all voice-to-voice interactions and corresponding metadata thanks to cross-integration with CTLOG® and telephonic rates through Dalí®.


Voice Codecs

Dial plans

Predetermined informative messages SIP

Video Codecs


Multiple SIP lines



On-demand recordings



Automatic response


Call pricing

Holding calls


Do Not Disturb

Incoming and outgoing calls


In its first year of launch, the service is used by companies in the financial, construction, government, and services sectors, positively impacting the communication of more than 15,000 employees from administrative, IT and services areas that complement their collaboration experience with Google Workspace with the benefits of communication from anywhere with public telephony.


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CTiContRol® Terms and Conditions

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