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Data is everywhere, but bytes don’t think, why aren’t they linked?

Currently there is a boom in artificial intelligence focusing on helping people remember and prevent certain actions throughout their workday.

Thanks to CTWebRTC® Chat Server you can employ a bot to serve customers before automatically transferring them to the chat queue, on our platform it is a bot that makes first contact with clients.


Easy use tool:

Easy-to-use tool for agents and supervisors for efficient customer service operations.

Chatbot host:

First-contact client service chatbot with automatic chat queue transferring.

Efficient communication:

Establish suitable communication mechanisms between clients and Contact Center operations.

Automatic responses:

Establish a set of responses and attention style for automatization using a language processing system.

Knowledge base:

Take relevant documentation in any format and feed it to the corporate knowledge system.


Omnichannel tool that orchestrates interactions in different attention channels; social media, private collaboration networks, web chat and apps.


CTWebRTC Chatserver

Instant communication and interaction orchestration service with support for forms, surveys, agents, chat search function and Chatbot integration.

CTWebRTC Social Media

Private and public social media connector for receiving chat and multimedia interactions.

Supported social media

Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp (API oficial y WA Business), Instagram.

Private and collaborative social media networks:

Cisco WebEx Teams, Alcatel Rainbow, Google Chat, Circuits.

Contact and Call Center Platform

Contact center infrastructure, agent, supervisor, and report operation.

Agent Interface

Enable omnichannel integration with CTWEBRTC® Chatserver.

CTWebRTC BotBuilder

Integration APIs for virtual agent bot construction with CTWEBRTC®. Compatible with Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Facebook, Wit.ai and Azure bots.

Business Logic

Client information system for extracting knowledge bases from chatbots and chatservers. Can be extracted from databases, Webservices, RPC, Sockets, RESTful. CTWEBRTC® Chatserver supports popups and automatic typifying for these tools.

Contact Center Integration

CTI-type integration (Computer Telephony Integration) for omnichannel services with Contact Center solutions. Compatible Contact Center tools include Cisco UCCX, Avaya Aura, Genesys, Mitel Solidus.

We advise you on efficiently building your chatbot.


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