• Voice and text messaging
  • Value-added servers for mobile operators

There is a CTMessage® solution for your company and business. What is your need?

New experiences in value-added services.

Carrier Class Platform for value-added voice, video, and data services. Highly trustworthy, flexible, robust, and scalable that allows for the development of new services to meet the needs of clients in an easy and interactive manner. SMS, WAP, Color Ring Backtones, social media apps, alternative publicity channels and video applications such as IVVR and video Call Center.


Communications and entertainment

Provide innovative services for your large clients and mobile or landline corporate phone systems with integration compatibility with other Calltech S.A. components.

Integrate industrial sectors into mobile

Integrate different sectors and solutions into mobile, SMS, video, and email applications.

Value-added servers for Television

Integre sectores industriales a móviles: Integre diferentes sectores y soluciones a aplicaciones móviles, video, SMS e email.

Voice Tours/ Mobile Tourism

Video and Voice Tours is your guide that accompanies you on trips, opening the doors to a world of information in any place from your phone.

On-demand Video

Allows clients to subscribe and download from their mobile phones, their favorite text, image, video content and manage it in a centralized manner through CTMessage®.

Innovative services for Internet

Integrate traditional voice, SMS and video services to social media apps and broaden your user portfolio.

Integrate publicity services into social media apps, call queues and mobiles.

Support, installation, administration, value-added services, training, unified communications, hosted solutions, special projects, computer, and communications Device.

Social Media Integration - SMI:

Construct applications that connect your company’s products and services to social media, providing a better experience for your clients.

Generate larger revenues and increase client loyalty with services such as sponsored calls in which mobile operators offer your products and traditional voice, data, and video on social media with added value like publicity discounts, social media mobile integration, among others.

Advertising Management System AMS

Discover new advertising channels for your products and services in call queues, information points, mobile telephones and internet.

Manage your advertising campaigns alongside text, video, and audio announcements. Establish margins and schedules to better provide information.

Have a complete and integrated tool that enables price and sales control for your advertisers.

Medical appointment reminders

Automatic reminder messaging for medical appointments for your patients through voice, SMS, and email to landline, mobile or internet users.

With optimal and efficient management, when booking an appointment, allow your patients to cancel an appointment a day prior using the same means as the reminder.

Optimize scheduling processes by setting up appointment reminders for your employees.


Deliver messages to your clients quickly and in-mass.

Create voice message, text-to-speech, and SMS campaigns to reach your clients using a personalized approach.

Ideal for reminding upcoming appointments, payment agreements, maturities, and congratulation messages.


Mobile apps:

Provides mobile phone applications and services such as text and voice messaging for landline, mobile and internet telephony users.


Link your voice, data, and video services to improve client communication.


Implement innovative and interactive services in a flexible environment.


Enjoy a platform designed with scaling, flexibility, and performance in mind, ideal for telecom companies with demanding production environments.

ROI growth:

Increase the ROI of your telephony investment, developing top-quality multimedia services on a single platform and taking maximum advantage of available resources.


SMS2Voice®, SMS2Fax®

Personalize the sending of text messages, converting to voice messages, or stylishly printing them.


Improve relationships with clients, offering them a better multimedia experience through 3G videocalls.

On-line mobility:

Inform yourself on the state of traffic in your area.

Video horoscope:

Consult astrology predictions according to your Zodiac sign.


With a videocall, enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Video Goal / Cricket

Live the passion and emotions of your favorite sport and stay up-to-date with the latest news.

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