CTLog® Cloud

Microsoft Teams call recording with 100% on-cloud storage.

Whether the calls are recorded for capacitation, dispute resolution or security compliance, CTLOG® Cloud powered by Atmos provides total flexibility and scalability without sacrificing affordability.

Explore the complete set of available functions of the solution and how CTLOG® Cloud integrates perfectly to any telephone system whether it is Cisco, BroadSoft, Avaya, MetaSwitch, Netasapiens, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Asterisk and many more.


Communication information

Through CTLOG® Cloud Analytics, calls and screen recordings can be configured to automatically determine the caller’s sentiment, call subject, the method of communication and many more key performance indicators, which allow your organization to better understand your clients’ experience.

When you need it

Through our self-management subscription plan, clients have complete access to their storage plan and licenses. Voice analysis, quality control, PCI DSS masking, screen capture and fax can be added to the solution when needed.

Maximum speed and Throughput

Our CTLOG® Cloud service resides in a high-speed global data center, which makes a true cloud technology. We take advantage of CTLOG®’s true and native cloud technology to provide bandwidth and unlimited storage for our clients and partners, optimizing their experience.

Complete, secure, and redundant

CTLOG® Cloud powered by Atmos takes advantage of true-Cloud infrastructure on the cloud, redundancy, and AES 256-bit encryption for GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA, and other strict compliance standards.



Microsoft Azure matrix construction

Azure Cloud Service

Harness cloud technology (Azure Cloud Service) dynamically accessing and assigning resources.


Eliminate time-delays in call processing.

High Availability

Create a high-availability environment.

Unlimited Storage

Enjoy unlimited storage and conserve all call recordings you consider necessary.


CTLOG® offers its partners multiple levels of business for administrating and controlling offers directly through the Administration Portal or through the same service portal. Procurement and pricing can be controlled at different levels through our Multi – tenant platform.


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