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What is CTLog®?

Online web monitoring and digital recording system, allowing for mobile call recording, analog extensions, digital proprietaries, IP, core protocols (Analog, E1, RDSI and SS7) and other audio sources like intercoms, microphones, radio transmissions and fax, headphones, speakers, and screens. It also has real-time monitoring, search functions, recording tagging, mass file exportation, digital signatures, and encryption.




Enjoy a robust, dependable, and profitable web-powered tool.

Constant evolution

Count on a modular design distributed platform and open architecture that evolves according to your needs.

Efficient communication

Quickly resolve communication difficulties with clients and their transactions.


Guaranteed information safety backed by Microsoft Windows.

Easy to use

Recordings can be easily, safely, and instantly accessed from any authorized device.

Fraud control

Detect suspicious or malicious calls for later analysis.

CTLog® Avaya Devconnect Compliance Testing

At Calltech S.A., we are proud of our CTLOG®   recording system’s compatibility certification with Avaya’s Aura platform and want to share this exciting achievement with you.

This award, given by one of the most important companies in telecom globally, highlights our CTLOG® system as a standard, simple integration solution that increases reliability and support for our customers. In addition, the endorsement of Avaya’s worldwide channels to distribute our solution and its innovative active recording mechanism whose licensing simplicity and effectiveness is ideal for government, industrial, commercial and Contact Center customers of any size in any country.


CTLOG® is an integral, flexible, and scalable call recording solution, offering recording capabilities for analog extensions, digital and IP, E1 links, online management, and supervision interface screens with search functions, ideal for service, financial and security companies and contact centers. CTLOG® has the best call rate in the market at 5.85Mb per hour, imagine an hour-long conversation taking up the same amount of space as an iTunes song without losing a second of quality.


You can consult the Avaya DevConnect Compliance Testing CTLOG® 5.4 test results through the following


As an Avaya customer, you can confidently purchase the CTLog® solution manufactured by Calltech S.A. to your Avaya communications platform. When you add CTLog® recording functionality to your current Avaya environment, you can record all of your users’ screen and voice communications and accelerate key business processes to better meet your customers’ needs.

"Avaya offers certification testing for innovative companies that, such as Calltech S.A., are part of the DevConnect program, with which Avaya encourages the development of fully interoperable solutions that help companies access interesting new opportunities."
Eric Rossman
Vice President, Developer Relations and Technical Alliances, Avaya.


Active recording

integrations between the CTLog® recording system and Avaya are approved for active recording via DMCC, active recording via E1 trunk, and active recording using H.323.

Innovative approach

Avaya certifies and validates our innovation in the Avaya active recording architecture, where high availability of the recording service is guaranteed at lower Avaya Aura AES licensing costs.

Standard integration

Avaya certifies that the CTLog® recording system integrates seamlessly with the Avaya Aura solution.

"We thank our channels and customers for trusting our solutions."
Carlos Villamizar - ceo
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